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The Complete Database for Information on the Evolutionary History, Diversity, Identification and Conservation of Over 700 Species of Asian Trees!

On this website you will be able to find information on all species of Fagaceae found in Asia, arranged according to genus, geographic region and research subject. The site also provides (links to) data on genomic information, regional species checklists, literature, fieldwork and botanical collections as well as floristic work and news updates on current projects. This site is under ongoing development. In addition to over 700 species pages on Asian taxa, a further 400+ pages are available treating non-Asian species, covering Fagaceae occurring in the Americas, Europe and the Mediterranean region. Finally, a list of common Quercus hybrids will be made available soon as well. Check back regularly for project news, new images/data and page updates!

How to Cite the site:

This website is created to support ongoing research work on Asian Fagaceae, and to serve as a center for resource and information dissemination on this globally important plant family. As such it is an important reference of past work, and an actively updated repository of ongoing work aiming to promote our understanding of these species. Your citation of this webste will help to ensure its continued availability and improvement. Please use the following citation in your work:

Strijk, J.S. (Insert Current Year). ‘ASIANFAGACEAE.COM – The Complete Database for Information on the Evolutionary History, Diversity, Identification and Conservation of Over 700 Species of Asian Trees. Published on the Internet; https://www.asianfagaceae.com/ Retrieved on (Insert Current Date).’

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Breaking news!

New images continue to be released for Quercus (Asian and non-Asian), Lithocarpus, Castanopsis and the five smaller Fagaceae genera. Beginning in April 2020, species data and new IUCN Red List data will be released for species on their respective pages on a daily basis! Follow @ACTGenomics on Twitter or keep an eye on the recent updates feed on this page!



How to navigate this site?

There are several ways in which to locate and study species, genera and geographic communities of Fagaceae on this site. You can go directly to the genus of your choice by using the “Genera”-submenu on the right-hand side of each page. Alternatively, if you are interested in the Fagaceae of a particular geographic region in Asia (or elsewhere), you can select one of the menu options in the main header. Finally, if you are searching for a particular species, name, or species attribute/keyword, you can use the search function at the top right of each page, or search the content of individual species tables by using the blue magnifying glass.