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Author Palib. ex Hayata
First publication J. Coll. Sci. Imp. Univ. Tokyo 30(1): 286 (1911).
Synonyms Homotypic Synonyms: -
Synonyms Heterotypic Synonyms:
Fagus pashanica C.C.Yang, Acta Phytotax. Sin. 16(4): 100 (1978). Link
Fagus hayatae var. zhejiangensis M.C.Liu & M.H.Wu ex Y.T.Chang & C.C.Huang, Acta Phytotax. Sin. 26: 115 (1988). Link
Fagus hayatae subsp. pashanica (C.C.Yang) R.Peter ex J.Q.Li, J. Wuhan Bot. Res. 16: 243 (1998). Link
Local names 台湾水青冈 tai wan shui qing gang
Range S. China (Hubei Hunan Shaanxi Sichuan Zhejiang) N Taiwan.
36 CHS 38 TAI
Growth habit Tree. Up to 20m tall.
Leaves Rhomboid-ovate. Up to 3–7cm covered with silky pubescence when young. Glabrescent except for glandular dots and tufts of hair on midvein and abaxially on axils of secondary veins. Base broadly cuneate to nearly rounded. Apex acute to shortly acuminate. Veins blackish when dry. Midvein flexuous toward apex. Secondary veins 5–9 on each side of midvein ending in teeth. Deciduous.
Flowers Peduncle 0.5–2 cm. Pilose.
Fruits Cupule 7–10 mm. Bracts linear and recurved. 1–3 mm. Pilose. Nut as long as cupule with very small wings near apex. Fl. Apr–May. Fr. Aug–Oct.
Bark, twigs and buds
Hardiness zone, habitat China map (based on USDA): Link Mountain ridges and summits in deciduous forests. 1300–2300m.
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Uses Unknown.


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