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Research interests and expertise

My main research focus is on understanding the origin, functioning and maintenance of plant biodiversity. This involves evolutionary, ecological and genomic components, in various ecosystems in the temperate, subtropical and tropical zones. As focal taxa I target wide ranging plant families that form some of the largest and most species rich groups known to science, which often perform crucial ecosystem roles but overall, remain poorly known and are beyond the scope of sustainable use practices and conservation action. By combining traditional taxonomic approaches with the latest advances in genomics and evolutionary reconstruction, I aim to unlock these groups by revealing their evolutionary histories and relationships, genomic diversity and ecological potential for adaptation and rapid speciation.


* MSc course Modern Ecology (2018). Guangxi University, Nanning, China.
* BGCI and FFI Workshop on Tropical Fagaceae Identification, Conservation and IUCN Red List Training (2018). Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden, Laos.
* MSc course Introduction to Evolutionary Biology (2017). Guangxi University, Nanning, China.
* MSc course Biological Exploration and Biodiversity Research (2017-2018). Guangxi University, Nanning, China.
* BSc. course in Dutch Flora (2000-2004). Wageningen University, Netherlands

Field activities

*coming soon*


Dutch (mother tongue); English (fluent); German/French (advanced); Thai/Chinese (basic).

Selected publications

-Liang X.J., Hinsinger D.D., Elias, R.B., Strijk J.S*. 2018. The plastome sequence of Laurus azorica (Seub.) Franco, an endemic tree species of the Azores islands. Mitochondrial DNA: part B.

-Yu T.H., Hinsinger D.D., Strijk J.S., Kim Shan Wee A. 2018. The first complete chloroplast genome of a major mangrove species Sonneratia alba Sm and its implications on conservation efforts. Mitochondrial DNA: part B.

-Cvetković T., Hinsinger D.D., Strijk J.S*. 2017. The first complete chloroplast sequence of a major tropical timber tree in the Meranti family: Vatica odorata (Dipterocarpaceae). Mitochondrial DNA: Part B, 2(1), 52-53.

-Hinsinger D.D., Strijk J.S*. 2017. The chloroplast genome sequence of Michelia alba (Magnoliaceae), an ornamental tropical tree species. Mitochondrial DNA: Part B, 2(1): 9-10.

-Hou, C, Wikström, N., Strijk, J.S. Rydin, C. 2016. Resolving phylogenetic relationships and species delimitations in closely related gymnosperms using high-throughput NGS, Sanger sequencing and morphology. Plant Systematics and Evolution, 302: 1345.

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Strijk, J.S*., Sirimongkol, S., Rueangrea, S., Ritphet, N., Chamchumroon, V. 2014. Lithocarpus orbicarpus (Fagaceae), a new species of Stone Oak from Phang Nga province, Thailand. PhytoKeys 34: 33–46.

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